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Bahrain breakfast

Bahrain breakfast

Breakfast at the Radisson Blu Diplomat


Just a cup of tea but this tells you a lot about the breakfast at the Radisson Blu Diplomat Hotel in Bahrain's capital, Manama. It's anything but corporate, what with its ceramic tea cups and uniquely shaped, reptilian-coloured saucers and its Insta-worthy place mats. Straight away, you can tell that breakfast here is all about care, attention to detail and quality. 

From freshly-baked, delicious breads (above), to fresh fruits displayed in old-fashioned weighing scales and buckled, chipped enamel trays holding the juice glasses (below), this breakfast set up is a joy to behold. It's like it's been done for a magazine shoot - for a Liz Earle feature, maybe, or an Easter extravaganza in Red - but apparently this happens day in, day out at the Diplomat.

It's easily one of the best buffet breakfasts I've ever had in a chain hotel and a surprising, Pottery Barn level of styling that must take the dedicated staff a lot of time and effort to set out and clear away each day. Well worth it, though: this is a really great breakfast!


The Tripographer’s notes

  1. Unslumping level? 10/10

  2. Would I go again? Yes - and I have been. The hotel’s been refurbished since this trip

  3. Best time to go? Breakfast time!

  4. Best for? Breakfast and the pool

  5. Top tip? Allow plenty of time. Take the paper or a good book and enjoy some s.l.o.w. food.


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