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 My 8 go-to apps when I go on a trip

My 8 go-to apps when I go on a trip


The 8 most useful and used travel apps I have on my phone

I mostly use my phone to take pictures, natch. Then, I mostly use it to edit them and post them to social media or my own albums. But, when I am travelling, I do also use some of the apps that are on my phone.

I have an Android phone, a Huawei P20. It’s a replacement for my much-loved Samsung Galaxy - the one that got stolen in Bogota. That’s another story for another day but the Huawei and I get along pretty well. Especially since I figured out how to minimise its meddlesome, automated AI on the colour and saturation of my photos as I took them. Annoying!

Here are the 8 apps on my phone that I use the most and find the most useful when I am on a trip. No particular order. Click on the name for each app for a link to more info; click on the app images to enlarge them.

Number 1

XE Currency

An app with lots of money-men / business capabilities but with a really well-designed converter function that I use all the time overseas. It also has a slide out screen showing changes in currency value over time which makes for an interesting game of ‘Higher/Lower’ with your travel companion.

Free. IOS and Android. On and offline. Personalise.

Number 2


My longest scheduled layover has been at Doha’s Hammad International Airport. It was 8 hours of killing time through the night but, luckily, HIA has a spa and swimming pool. For all other airports, you’d want FLIO. This app gives you airport layouts, a flight tracker and flight schedules, discounts for local food and retail outlets, lounge access options, parking info, medical services and more.

Free. IOS and Android. Personalise.

Number 3

WiFi Map

Probably the first question you ask everywhere you go now… ‘Do you have WiFi?’ This app can answer that question and it may even be able to give you the password, too. Avoid roaming and data charges during business trips, family travels and every day of your life. 

IOS and Android. Some offline cities. Personalise.

Number 4


This has been a really useful app that I always use when I first arrive in a new place. So long as I remember to download it before I leave, this gives me a detailed map (including landmarks) that means I can be sure my taxi IS really going to the hotel/venue that I asked for. Nice graphics, easy to use and very reassuring.

IOS and Android. On and offline. Personalise.


Google Translate

This one feels very Star Trek-y. Or like Babel fish are real… I first used it on a trip to Bogota when agent’s mum, a Spanish speaker with no English at all, used GT to talk to me about a potential Marine Bio PhD student. The app was amazing! Impressively accurate and not nearly as clunky as you might imagine and you can also use it with voice, text or handwriting.

IOS and Android. More than 50 languages work offline.

Number 6


Tripcase has been around for a while and I suspect there may be competitors doing this better but I use Tripcase for all my work trips and its been a boon. The travel agent uploads all my info and Tripcase keeps me and my family updated on any scheduling changes or issues. Also good for a shared itinerary for two or more travelling together.

IOS and Android. On and offline, Personalise.

Number 7

Jack’s Flight Club

People LOVE this app. Like all the best inventions, it’s simple but brilliant. Put in your email address and Jack (there is a person behind all this tech) will email best prices. If you have fixed points (dates/destination) the premium version is worth it and you can downgrade back to free at any time.

IOS and Android. Email and app service. Personalise.

Jack's Flight Club
Number 8


Before I travel, I make digital copies of everything important: passport, driver’s licence, contact info, hotel details, itineraries, etc. If you mark these files as favorites they’re easy to get to in the Dropbox mobile app, even offline or remotely. That way, if your phone gets stolen along with all the important documents, it’ll save you hours of angst and make replacement much easier.

IOS and Android. On and offline. Personalise.


So there you have it: my most used and most useful travel-related apps. Have you used any of these? Or do you have others you would recommend that do a better job? Please let me know in the comments below ;-)